Kindergartner Says Teacher Wouldn't Let Her Pray in School (VIDEO)​​

kindergartner praying

Have you heard about the Florida 5-year-old who says a teacher told her not to pray right before she was about to eat lunch in the school cafeteria? The story is all over the place this morning, as the YouTube video her parents made of her telling her story is gaining quite a bit of attention.

The little girl claims that when she went to bow her head before eating her meal, a "lunch teacher" stopped her and told her she was not allowed to do so and that praying is "bad."

And that's when her father, Marcos Perez, made this video of her giving her account of the incident.


I know. My first thought was to feel sorry for her too (for more reasons than one).

But here's what's really interesting -- AnaLyn Jones, the principal of Carillon Elementary, says she spoke to the cafeteria staff and no one remembers having any interaction with the girl. And the school district also claims that her parents posted the YouTube video before contacting them about the incident -- though Marcos Perez insists he emailed the district before uploading the video.

And I guess I should also mention that Marcos Perez just happens to be the vice president of sales at Charisma House, which is a Christian book publisher. He and his wife pulled their daughter out of the school immediately following the alleged conversation with the teacher, and they are now homeschooling her.

If what this little girl says happened is really true, then I don't blame her parents for being outraged and upset. But doesn't something about this whole situation seem just a little bit shady?

First of all, they seemed to be leading her a bit in the video as far as remembering what went down in the cafeteria. Even her mom saying "don't talk like a baby" seemed a little out of line.

Second, it seems strange that they pulled her out of the school right away and immediately got out the video camera instead of trying to get to the bottom of what happened. If this was your child, wouldn't you want to speak to the school staff first to make sure there wasn't some sort of misunderstanding before taking such drastic action?

And third, we can't ignore the fact that this dude works for a religious organization, so you have to wonder if he and his wife have a bit of an agenda in making this video. Seems a little convenient, don't you think?

But let's just say that this did happen, and the little girl was told she's not permitted to pray in school. Again, I totally understand why her parents would be concerned. But is pulling her out of the school and taking her away from her friends and the routine she's accustomed to really the best solution? That just seems like quite a bit of change for a little kid to handle.

What do you make of this story? Do you think this little girl was really told not to pray?


Image via Marcos Perez/YouTube

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