Dad Dying of Cancer Walks Daughter Down the 'Aisle' for Her 11th Birthday (VIDEO)

Josie Zetz is dealing with something no 11-year-old should ever have to: Her dad is dying. Jim Zetz, 62, has terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer, so unless a miracle happens, he's not going to be there in the future to walk her down the aisle.

Photographer Lindsey Villatoro was taking some final family portraits when Josie's mom Grace mentioned that her daughter was upset that her dad wouldn't be there for "memories down the line." She got the idea for a mini wedding to coincide with her eleventh birthday, so that she could have the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle.


With the help of the community, Villatoro pulled together a beautiful event in just three days. People donated a wedding cake, a dress, catering, flowers, and hair and makeup to help this little girl make a memory.

"One day [you] wake up and realize you’re given the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better," Villatoro said. "You get an idea, don’t think twice and run with it."

Pastor Gary Galbraith pronounced them "daddy and daughter," and said, "Your dad may not get to see you get married, but he is here to walk you down the aisle today."

Villatoro called it an "honor" to organize and photograph the event,and in a slideshow she made of the pictures, she wrote, "Josie, you will forever have a video of you and your dad walking you down the aisle to play at your wedding in years to come, as if he was physically there."

What a beautiful way to honor a special relationship that is being cut too short. Josie got to experience the excitement and love of her dad walking her down the aisle, knowing that he loves her and thinks she's the most beautful thing ever and that he wants her to be happy.

Cancer may take her dad away too soon, but it can't take away a treasured memory.

Do you think this will ease some of the saddness she'll have in the future over her dad not being at her wedding?

Image via lindsey natzic/YouTube

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