Dad Turns Ordinary Videos of His Son Into Action-Packed Adventures (WATCH)

Super hero kid Do you take videos of your kids? If you do, odds are they are like mine; basic recordings of those big moments like birthday parties, trips to Disneyland, or school productions. I was totally fine with that ... that is until I saw the videos that Daniel Hashimoto makes of his 3-year-old son. This dad raised the bar and raised it HIGH. He has created movie magic by making his toddler the star of his own action movies from jumping over lava to swinging a lightsaber. And the results are totally amazing, seriously. Oh and if you are wondering why these short clips look so good? It turns out dad is an animator at DreamWorks. (So we don't have to feel so lame after all.)

Check out these amazing moments of toddler action right here:


Which video is your favorite?

Image via Action Movie Kid/YouTube

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