Miracle Baby 'Ejected' From Mom's Womb During Motorbike Crash

A terrible accident happened when a 40-year-old woman in labor was on her way to the hospital with her husband when the motorbike they were driving was struck by a truck. The couple drove because the mother-to-be realized she couldn't wait for an ambulance, and because they live in Xiamen, China, motorbikes are a common way for people to travel.

There are two reports of what happened. One is that the mother delivered the baby right after the accident. But the more likely report is that the baby was ejected from the mother's womb as the crash happened. The newborn baby was found 10 feet from the crash site and has a forehead bruise.


The baby is named Xiao Zhao, and he is certainly strong. Witnesses report seeing the baby catapulted from the mother's womb and onto the road. How incredible that he survived this. Sadly, the mother was run over by the truck and died. The father was killed in the accident as well. The truck driver was arrested and charged -- since he was in the wrong and turned onto the road and into the motorbike when the couple had the right of way.

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Baby Xiao is 9 pounds and, aside from a few scrapes, has no injuries and is healthy. I think this baby is destined to do amazing things.

Officials have reported that Xiao will be raised by his extended family once he's released from the hospital. What a miraculous tale of survival during such a traumatic birth. My thoughts are with the family as they struggle to make sense of this, and also with the baby that he continues to have that strength of survival his whole life.

Do you believe the likely theory and think this baby could have been ejected from the mother's womb?


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