Frustrated Dad Writes Epic Response to Kid's Common Core Math (PHOTO)

If you've found yourself banging your head against the wall or feeling dumb as a post upon trying to help your kid with his Common Core math homework -- well, you're not alone. But just in case you think it's YOU and other people who are like YOU (i.e., who suck at math), then you might feel better to know that even a dad who has an advanced engineering degree can't figure out Common Core math!


When the dad received homework (presumably belonging to his child) to solve why "Jack" got his subtraction problem wrong, dad took one look at the convoluted mess that looks like scribblings of black rainbows and wrote:

That's right, even someone who has been trained in advanced mathematics, and who uses it on a regular basis in his career, can't figure out this CC mumbo jumbo. What is that saying?!

He then goes on to solve the math problem in under five seconds by using the standard approach.

I'm not one of those people who thinks that the "old way" is always best. Learning and teaching should be open-ended and always have room for progress and improvement.

But when an engineer can't figure out elementary school math homework -- that's a problem.

Do you understand your child's math homework? Where do you turn for help?


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