Sisters' Pregnancies End Up Being Eerily Similar in More Ways Than One​

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There are plenty of funny coincidences in this world, but this one just might take the cake as the most unlikely ever. Siblings who share a birthday gave birth on the same day -- and they also found out they were pregnant on the exact same day too!

Lydia Crispin and Dawn Bamber are stepsisters and best friends -- and they had both confided in each other that they were thinking of trying for a baby. Then on June 18, Lydia got a positive pregnancy test result, so she immediately called Dawn to tell her the happy news.

And what happened next is nothing short of amazing.


Later that night, Dawn texted Lydia to ask if she was still awake -- and then she called her to tell her she was expecting a baby too!

How crazy is this?!?

And even though they had different due dates, February 15 and February 20, both wound up delivering on February 28. Yep. Both sisters were past their due dates. Lydia went into labor the day before Dawn was induced and voila! On the 28, both became moms to two beautiful baby girls. (YES! Can you believe they also both had girls?!?)

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Lydia called her baby Summer, and Dawn's little bundle was named Courtney. And if this whole story wasn't heartwarming enough -- wait until you hear how closely they plan on raising these two.

Lydia said, "For our girls to have the same birthday, like us, is lovely. They will grow up together and probably go to the same school."

They have the same birthday. And their daughters now share the same birthday. And OMG who else just can't get over the serendipity of it all?!?

It's special enough to share a birthday, find about your pregnancies, and give birth together -- but to now be able to have their little girls experience the same closeness growing up? It's just beautiful. And thankfully, it sounds like Lydia and Dawn know exactly how lucky they are and plan on celebrating it for the rest of their lives.

Did you give birth on a date near any of your siblings?


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