​Picture of Toddler Tied to Lamp Post During Parade Goes Viral (PHOTO)

lamp postHave you heard about the picture of a child tied to a lamp post by a leash that was taken at a St. Patrick's Day parade in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania over the weekend?

Yep. Someone snapped a shot of a little kid who appears to be no more than 2 or so watching the festivities of the day -- all while tethered to a pole.

And by leash, I mean one of those backpack things that some parents use to keep tabs on their kiddos in airports and other crowded places.

There is no word on who took the photo, or whether or not the parents were nearby (or possibly even took the pic as some sort of joke). Regardless, it's causing quite the stir.

Check it out.


toddler tied to lamp post

Since who was behind the camera can't be confirmed, we should probably take this picture with a grain of salt. Maybe it's photoshopped. Again, maybe the kid's parents were playing some sort of prank or simply looking for a funny photo op. Or maybe someone else snapped the pic -- and the parents tied up the kid because they were too afraid of him wandering off into the crowd. (Could be, right?)

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Whatever the case, the photo is making headlines -- though it's tough to make any sort of judgment call as to what is going on without knowing the facts.

If the pic is legit, however, and somebody really did tie up their kid as a means of "taking care" of him? I think we can all agree that's just plain sad. (And a bit disturbing too.)

Do you think this photo is for real?


Images via Poul-Werner/Flickr; Twitter

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