7-Year-Old Calls 911 After Mom Refuses to Give Him Cookies​


D'oh! Something tells me his mother is never going to let him live this one down. A Utah 7-year-old called 911 because he wanted Oreos -- which his mom would not let him have after he requested "more."

That's right. He'd already had his share and wasn't satisfied. And so he figured he was in a state of emergency and somebody needed to come to the rescue.

And the story in itself would've actually been pretty humorous -- except for the fact that the kid gave the 911 operator a different tale when he called to report his "emergency."


He said that his mother had thrown a knife at him. And then when deputies got to the house, he fessed up and said he was simply upset that she would not let him have more Oreos.

Ok, so the fact that he would even think to accuse his mom of harming him is disturbing at best -- but let's put ourselves in this kid's shoes for a second before we go jumping to conclusions about what a horrible child he is.

I mean, the kid simply wanted seconds on dessert. And for a 7-year-old, being refused something he really wants must seem like a dire emergency. And what do we teach our kids to do when faced with an emergency? Exactly. Call 911.

I know I've taught my son (who just turned 8) the same thing -- but after hearing what this little boy did? I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to go over what does and does not constitute a true emergency just to be on the safe side.

The last thing any of us needs is for our kiddos to get in some sort of a minor jam and think -- "Oh, I know! I'll just call the cops to come bail me out."

(Isn't there some sort of fine for fake 911 calls?)

Snort. I wonder if this kid realizes he's probably sealed his fate as far as ever being allowed to have an extra Oreo ever again?!? Something tells me his mom won't be buying them for quite some time -- like until he turns 18.

Does your child know the difference between real and fake emergencies?


Image via williac/Flickr

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