Kindergartner Spends Day at Wrong School Because of Strangest Coincidence

busHopefully, one day they'll be able to laugh about this, because right now, it's pretty scary that this could have happened. A kindergartner spend the day at the wrong school in upstate New York after she boarded the wrong bus. Apparently, the person driving the bus that day was a substitute, so they didn't realize 5-year-old girl wasn't a regular rider. Coincidentally, the school she wound up at was expecting a new student that day, and after the girl arrived, they asked her if she was that girl, to which she said yes (kids!). The little girl then spent the entire day in the first grade classroom in the place of the no-show new student.

Kind of a crazy series of events! But it had to have been terrifying for her mother when she never got off the bus that afternoon.


When the girl didn't get off her usual bus, her mother called the school, and they told her that she never showed up at school (oh my god). The mix-up was resolved a short time later, and the district now says it's re-examining its bus and new student procedures. Not a bad idea.

Maybe attendance on buses isn't such a terrible idea? We've all heard the heartbreaking stories over the years of children getting abducted or lost on their way to the bus -- what if the driver had to be notified if a student wasn't going to be riding that day? Sure, it's extra work, but it could maybe help stop some of the horror stories. And, at the very least, it could have prevented this poor girl from spending the day at the wrong school.

Glad everything is fine, and everyone's safe and sound, but man, that had to have been terrifying for that poor mother when she found out her child was never in school that day. I truly can't think of a worse feeling.

Do you think there should be more rules or precautions when it comes to bus procedures?


Image via Kevin/Flickr

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