Candy-Loving Toddler Sees No Problem Talking to Strangers (VIDEO)

toddlerOne of the biggest things for a parent is letting their child know that it's NOT okay to talk or -- worse -- go to strangers. We've all seen the horrifying news shows hundreds of times, where parents watch from behind the scenes while a "stranger" asks their children to come along with them for ice cream, cookies, whatever -- and the kids say yes. It's terrifying. But this video of a little girl telling her parents what she would do if a stranger approached her is, well, kinda hilarious. Of course, her parents want to teach her right from wrong (and good for them for trying!), but wow! This little girl is totally missing the mark in the most adorable way possible.

Check it out:


"If a strange man says, 'Let's go eat cookies ...' I like that!" OMG, I can't! This girl is too much. She almost got it in the end, but then when Mom poses the swimming question, she just can't help herself.

Like I said, of course, we as parents want our children to know what to do when a strange man or woman approaches them, but man, this video is one for the books. I'm sure Ye Bin will get it eventually, but for now, let's just all enjoy this adorableness. Too funny.

How hilarious is this? How did you teach your kids to avoid strangers?


Image via DramaFever/YouTube

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