Baby Born Dead Comes to Life 25 Minutes Later

newborn feetSometimes things happen that can make even the biggest cynics believe in miracles. And this right here? This is one of those things. A newborn baby who was born last Saturday in Halifax was pronounced dead after she lay completely unresponsive and not breathing for 25 minutes. But 2 minutes after nurses wheeled the infant out of Robin Cyr's room, they returned, stunned, and told the mother that her daughter was in fact alive.

"A nurse came over ... she couldn’t talk," Ms. Cyr said. "She was speechless, and another nurse came over and said, 'Your baby’s breathing.'"


Ms. Cyr's miracle baby is now breathing on her own in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. It still isn't known if the sweet girl will suffer any long-term damage as a result of being unresponsive for so long, but it's certainly possible that she will, in fact, make a full recovery. Whatever the case, I'm sure this mama is just happy to have her baby.

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Although there are probably many factors at play here, Robin and her family are attributing the baby's miraculous recovery to divine intervention. Ms. Cyr told a local paper that when her aunt started praying, "my baby came back." Again, regardless of your beliefs, it's hard to argue with the fact that there's something bigger than scientific answers here.

It's hard to imagine the roller coaster ride Ms. Cyn has been on the past week. Every parent waits to hear their baby cry shortly after giving birth -- complete silence for a whole 25 minutes had to have been deafening. And then learning that her baby is okay? Wow. Talk about going from your lowest low to your highest high. It's truly an amazing story. And, if you ask me, nothing short of a miracle. Congrats to the Cyn family.

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Image via Chris_Parffit/Flickr

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