6-Year-Old Boy Gets Stabbed & School Refuses to Call Ambulance (VIDEO)

boy stabbed with pencilThere are some things parents have grown to expect from their children's school experience. They will learn stuff. They will make friends. They will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. One thing we don't ever in our wildest nightmares expect: a child to be stabbed in the neck with a pencil and school administrators do absolutely nothing about it.


Correction: They did do one thing. They called the parents and let the child sit there with the writing instrument sticking out of his neck until they arrived. What they didn't do but should have was call 911 and get an ambulance over there ASAP.

The little boy was reportedly stabbed by a bully. When his parents arrived, they found him sitting there with a pencil lodged in his neck. It begs the question, what kind of people are running this school? It sounds like they are three levels below the intelligence of the keystone cops. Even toddlers know to call 911 when someone is hurt badly.

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Doctors say the pencil could have pierced the child's trachea or potentially could have been life-threatening. Thankfully, it wasn't and they removed the pencil in the ER. Needless to say, the parents are furious. Yes, it's terrifying to think that your child was accosted by a bully, but they are more upset with the school's reaction ... or rather lack thereof. For their part, however, administrators said they followed procedure.

The boy's father told reporters that the school said they didn't call the hospital because, in the past, parents have complained after being stuck with the bill. Seriously???? I would think a child's life is worth more than a few hundred bucks to the parents and the school.

“They didn’t do what they were supposed to do to take care of him,” said the father. “Regardless, it wasn’t as serious as it was, but it could have been life-threatening, and it could have cost my son his life.” I’d be furious too. Sometimes schools don’t take these things seriously enough. What kind of moronic staffers would just let the kid sit there with a pencil lodged in his throat? This is absolutely unacceptable. Kids are supposed to be safe at school or at least rely on the grownups there to help when they are in need. This school definitely gets a big fat F when it comes to that.


How would you react if you walked in to find a pencil sticking out of your child's throat?


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