Mom Says Cartoon Taught Her 2-Year-Old the F-Word & She Could Be Right (VIDEO)

peppa pig

Plenty of parents let their toddlers watch a little TV here and there, but they're always careful to make sure they are viewing shows that are appropriate for their age level. What harm can a cute cartoon do?

Well, one mom in the U.K. is outraged after she says her 2-year-old learned the "F" word by watching Peppa Pig.

Natalie Cox couldn't believe her ears when her daughter, Kiannah, blurted out the words "f***ing gazelles" after watching the "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party" episode from her Peppa Pig DVD collection.


As it turns out, the line in the show is actually saying "rocking gazelles," but as you will hear in this video, it really does sound like the "F" word.

Did you hear rocking ... or f***ing?

Yeah. Me too. Unless the rabbit (or whatever he is) just has a really thick French accent or something.

And while I can't blame Natalie for being pretty upset, I highly doubt this has scarred Kiannah for life or anything. Since she's only 2, there's plenty of time to correct and clean up her vocabulary so she doesn't go around saying "f***ing this, f***ing that" ... (even though there's a certain hilarious factor that's worth appreciating).

Although Natalie might want to think about paying a little closer attention to any future Peppa Pig episodes the tot happens to watch. You know ... just in case there's anything else hidden in there that's borderline shady.

Do you think this mom has a right to be upset?


Image via HopeTV/YouTube

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