Woman Wants to Find Mom Who Abandoned Her as an Infant (VIDEO)

You can just tell Katheryn Deprill's adoptive parents raised her right. The 27-year-old mom of three children did not have the best start in life. When she was just a few days old, her mother abandoned her at a Burger King bathroom in Pennsylvania -- a story that made all of the papers at the time. But she was luckier than most because she was adopted by two very caring people who never lied to her about her past. When Katheryn recently revealed to them that she wanted to try and find her birth mom, they weren't just supportive -- they decided to help her do it.


It was Katheryn's adoptive mother who suggested she post a photo of herself on Facebook, along with a description of her mission to find her real mom. The photo has been shared tens of thousands of times so far. The so-called "Burger King Baby" says she always knew she was adopted, but that her parents sat her down when she was 12 and handed her a scrapbook containing news articles about her from that time.

I can't imagine how rebellious that revelation would have caused me to become at that age! I'm sure a part of me would have constantly wondered what was wrong with me and why my mom would choose to leave me in such a horrific way. But Katheryn seems incredibly level-headed. She says she wants to find out if she has brothers or sisters and is curious about her background and medical history. She also wants to meet someone who looks like her.

Most impressively, there doesn't seem to be one ounce of anger or resentment coursing through the woman's veins. She says she wants to thank her birth mom for not throwing her in a dumpster and that she imagines her mother was probably young and scared. Katheryn sounds like one heck of an empathetic mom and woman who possibly got to the point where she is ready to meet her real mom after experiencing the many emotions associated with raising her own children.

I think it's beautiful that Katheryn's adoptive mom is helping her and is secure enough to not feel threatened by her daughter's desire to meet her birth mom. I sincerely hope she finds her mother alive and well and is able to obtain the answers she seeks.

Here's a video of Katheryn sharing a bit about her desire to meet her mother:

Do you think you would try and locate your birth mom if you were in this young woman's shoes and had been abandoned as a baby?


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