Chilling Images of How War Affects Children Hit Very Close to Home (VIDEO)​

save the children uk videoWe turn on the news and see images of the conflict in Syria, but we have the liberty to shut off the TV, walk out the door, and not be in the midst of the crisis. We perhaps are somewhat desensitized by what we see on television -- or our inner defense mechanisms protect us from delving deep into who the conflict is affecting. People. With faces and names and stories just like us. And children. They are living in the horror, amongst the bombs, suffering. Dying.

Save the Children UK created a chilling 94-second video showing the transformation of one child's life as war breaks out where she lives. I didn't think seeing it would give me the range of emotions that it did. Watch it and see what I mean.


"We wanted to show the horror of war for children whose worlds have collapsed," Helen Costello of Save the Children told Today. "We hope for those who don't know that much about the situation in Syria, it will be an eye opener. Most people who've viewed it have told us it's helped them see how children could so easily have their lives torn apart."

The conflict in Syria has been happening for three years this March and has taken the lives of at least 10,000 children. The video's message: "Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening."

I'm angry. I'm scared. I'm deeply sad. No child should ever live in fear like that. No child anywhere, in any country. But they do. I feel helpless. And grateful that I'm not living in the midst of a conflict. But that's not helping the children, the people, who are. That's why this video was made by Save the Children -- to raise awareness, to perhaps help the people who need it most, and to stop this war. It's happening, and it needs to stop.

How did this video make you feel?


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