Baby Welcomes Army Dad Home With Meme-Worthy Sign (PHOTO)

bebeOne of the sweetest sights on the web these days are videos of soldiers returning from far, far away being welcomed back home by their loving families. I know if I feel like going on a massive happy-crying jag, that's the first thing I look for. What a wonderful thing, to be greeted with such joy after dedicating so much of their time in the service of our great nation.

But this new approach really ups the proverbial ante. That's right, it's even more heartwarming than dogs being reunited with their owners, and that, my friends, is truly saying something. This baby was meeting her father for the first time ever in her life, and she had one hilarious way of doing it courtesy of her mom.


Baby Harper's mom Logan created a hilarious sign. Inspired by the pop-hit "Call Me Maybe," Harper's stroller brandished a sign that read, "I just met you, and this is crazy, but my name's Harper, and I'm your baby." Love it! Harper's sweet, clueless expression and her adorable floral headband really add to the entire effect.


It turns out that Harper and her mama weren't the only two members of military families who took a funny route when it came to welcoming their dads back. When word of her sign hit the web, countless other families decided to share their own funny welcomes and introductions with the web. Totally heartwarming all around, I say. What a nice thing to find! Happy for the reunited families, am I!

What's the cutest reunion story you've ever heard?


Image via WOWT

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