Toddler 'Conducts' Church Choir With Passion You've Never Seen (VIDEO)

girl church choirThere are some kids who you can just look at and get a very vague idea of what they're going to be when they're older. The kid who's always taking apart stuff and putting it back together? Maybe they'll be an engineer. The kind-hearted one who's totally and completely obsessed with animals? Maybe they'll be a veterinarian. The little girl who conducts the church choir with unparalleled seriousness and fervor? Well, she'll be a conductor! Or, you know, something that requires an ample amount of passion.

This hilariously adorable video of a toddler helping conduct her church's choir hit the Internet last year, but it's just making the rounds now. And I have no clue how it took this long to go viral, because OMG! This couldn't be cuter or funnier!

Check it out:


Amazing, right? Clearly, this girl has seen a choir been conducted once or twice, because wow! Talk about knowing some moves! The look on her face kills me. I don't know how people in the church aren't cracking up, seeing this girl in the back. She's just too much! Love!

How adorable is this little girl? What do you think your little one is going to be when they grow up?


Image via stos2408/YouTube

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