Teacher Humiliates Autistic Boy When He Gets Stuck in Chair

chairsA teacher was recently fired after doing something to a student that would tug at any parent's heart. When an austistic student in her class got his head stuck in his own chair, she didn't help him or bring in anyone else to help free the boy. Instead, the teacher took out her phone and began filming. Yeah, because humiliating a kid who is already and embarrassed and scared is definitely a winning plan when it comes to discipline. Just appalling!

The school's principal resigned almost immediately. This was appropriate given that he saw what was going on and did nothing to stop it OR help the student. The teacher was put on suspended leave with pay while the administration decided what next steps should be for her. I think that was pretty obvious to parents everywhere -- kick her to the curb!


But no, they didn't do that right away. Instead they let her stay at home, do zero work, AND continue to collect a paycheck. That's pretty outrageous. Eventually the powers that be let her go, but given that this actual video was filmed in November, it begs the question -- what were the officials in charge doing for all the time it took to make their decision?

It sounds like the community at large was on the fence about her behavior. It seems like the teacher was very well liked, and that not everyone was ready to throw her under the bus for one isolated incident. While it's all well and good that they were willing to give one of their own the benefit of the doubt -- this is definitely taking it too far.

Do agree with the town's attitude towards the teacher?


Image via dcJohn/Flickr

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