Mom Outraged After School Lets Elderly Man Mistakenly Pick Up Her 5-Year-Old Son (VIDEO)

Parents at a small Connecticut town are outraged after a man came and picked up a 5-year-old child at school dismissal time and drove off with him. The man assumed it was his great-grandchild -- the two kind of looked alike, apparently -- and got the kid all the way to his house before his wife realized this wasn't their great-grandchild. Incredible!


Angela Stone, the mom of the boy, said that her son was waiting to get picked up from school when an older man approached him and took him to his car. The two apparently managed to ride all the way back to the man's house without the great-grandfather realizing he'd picked up the wrong kid.

At the house, the kid refused to get out of the car (smart kid! good training!) and the great-grandfather's wife realized the mistake. She called the school and they told the couple to bring the boy back.

Hey, so far this story could have been a lot worse! This kid wasn't kidnapped, it was an honest mistake, and things happen. But this isn't stemming the tide of outrage from Stone, who wants ANSWERS. I understand that she's upset and wants accountability and for this kind of thing not to happen in the future. But there is also something to be said for being grateful that it WAS just a mistake and nothing bad happened. Anyway, Stone is not in the mood for gratitude and let the principal have it in front of the school board.

She called dismissal time a "disaster waiting to happen," adding: "That disaster became my family's reality."

Well, I would hardly call what happened a disaster. Her kid got driven to the house of a nice elderly couple. HOWEVER, she is right that it shouldn't have happened and there needs to be more oversight. School authorities should look at this incident as a warning -- and as a wake-up call that something needs to be fixed.

Do you ever worry about a stranger picking up your kid?

Image via WFSB

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