Mom Gives Birth on Freezing Street After Jerk Steals Her Cab

Polly McCourt
Polly McCourt
A laboring woman and her doorman were trying to hail a cab to take her to the hospital on Monday, but as anyone knows, getting a cab in New York is a complete crap shoot. Eventually, Polly McCourt's doorman, Anton Rudovic, managed to flag down a free taxi for her, but before she could get into the car, an impatient woman cut in front of her and stole it. Yes, you read that correctly: A woman stole a cab from a woman who was in labor. Actually, the baby was crowning at that very moment. Only in New York!


Knowing that she wouldn't make it to the hospital on time, McCourt sat down on the sidewalk and prepared herself to give birth right then and there. According to reports, Mr. Rudovic got down on the ground and supported Polly's back, and female bystanders held the baby's head as it came out. The newborn, which is Polly's third child, arrived in under five minutes, and shortly after, people rushed over to give their scarves and coats to wrap the baby since it was in the mid-30s! One Good Samaritan, who gave the baby her coat, had such an impact on Polly that she actually named her daughter after her. Originally, the baby girl's name was supposed to be Ila Polly, but they changed it to Ila Isabelle after the birth.

It's hard to imagine anyone cutting in front of a pregnant woman, whether they were in labor or not, to steal their cab. But, speaking from experience -- sidebar alert! -- I'm not all that shocked that it happened in New York. I think a total of five people gave up their subways seats for me during my entire pregnancy (and they were mostly women). But I digress.
I guess the one thing we can all learn here is to be ready for anything during pregnancy/delivery, as things rarely go as planned (remember your birth plans, ladies?). It's highly unlikely that a rude stranger will jump in front of you, foiling your plan to give birth in a hospital, but who the heck knows what could happen? I guess the only thing we can do is hope there are kind strangers around to help like they did with Polly McCourt.
Congrats on your healthy baby girl!
Did your birth differ from how you envisioned?
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