Teacher Arrested for Making 10-Year-Old Stick Bare Hands in Urinal (VIDEO)

We've all been punished at one time or another while we were in school. I remember a few detentions here and there. One time even getting yelled at by a teacher in front of the whole class and forced to stand outside in the hallway. But this ... this! This is the most despicable punishment I've ever heard of -- I mean, prisoners probably don't get this punishment. A teacher allegedly made a 10-year-old student put his bare hands into a clogged urinal full of toilet paper and urine and clean it! Arggh!!


The Coral Springs, Florida teacher, Jennifer Forshey, who teaches third grade, was placed under arrest for battery after allegedly forcing a student to stick his bare hands into a urinal clogged with toilet paper and other students' pee and pull out the soggy mass. She apparently believed he had clogged it. 

This is seriously the most disgusting thing. Wait. It gets worse. She then allegedly didn't even give him soap and water to wash his hands and he was standing around with urine-soaked hands. According to CBS Miami, the police report reads:

She only thinks what she did was wrong because she is in trouble for it. Otherwise, she does not see anything wrong with exposing a child to urine.

Zoinks, I hope this teacher doesn't have kids. What is she doing at home if this is what she's forcing a kid who isn't hers to do?

Granted, this is pretty extreme, but how do you tell your kids it is okay to say "no" to psychopathic teachers? And where is the line? It's not okay for your kids to say no when teach tells them to stop talking, to hand over homework, to see the principal. But where do they get to say no -- not only "get to," but should for their own safety? And how does such a young child tell the difference?

Really complex. Would it have been okay for me to simply refuse to stand in the hallway when I was a kid, the one the teacher sent me to, where I immediately became known as a school loser as all the other kids passed me when they left class? I was new in school and it really hurt my social station. Could I have just said no, I refuse? After all, what I had done to deserve it (talking back) wasn't that bad.

Probably not. I probably deserved a little humiliation.

But this kid did not deserve to stick his hands down a urine-filled toilet. Even if, ya know, he was the one to clog it. We're talking health risks here! But I don't think it would occur to any parent to warn their kid to say no to putting their hands in a toilet. Because you just don't think that's gonna happen.

You should probably warn your kids that any teacher putting their hands on him or her is wrong. And then tell him or her if he or she feels very uncomfortable being told to do something, say no, ask for help, ask for the principal.

Unfortunately, this story will make parents mistrusting of teachers who genuinely are just trying to discipline and teach in a respectful and firm manner. But this is so crazy.

Do you ever tell your kids to say no to teachers' discipline?

Image via CBSMiami

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