Mom Pregnant With 'Triplets' Gets Surprise of Her Life During Delivery

kim fugateBeing pregnant with triplets, and then giving birth to them, seems like an exhausting feat, to say the least. So, when Kimberly Fugate gave birth to what she thought was her last baby out of the three she was carrying, she breathed a sigh of relief. Except she wasn't done. Unbeknownst to Fugate and her doctors, there was actually a fourth baby in there.

"More feet!" Kimberly heard the doctor say after she delivered her third. And, according to her, all she thought was, "Noooo!"


Apparently, the fourth identical quadruplet, which was conceived naturally, managed to be missed during numerous ultrasounds, keeping her existence hidden until birth. The baby was tucked away behind all three of her sisters. The girls, who are currently in neonatal intensive care at University of Mississippi Medical Center, are all doing well, but mom, understandably, is a little freaked out, because, OMG she just gave birth to quadruplets!

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I'm sure Fugate and her husband are thrilled to have four new healthy babies in their life, but the surprise of an extra child had to have been a little jarring for them. They clearly mentally, and physically, prepared for three. And, not to be a party pooper here, but yikes, those night time feedings are going to be rough.

The important thing is that everyone is healthy here, so congrats to the Fugate family! And Kim, mom to mom, I'm sending you a virtual hat tip across the Internet. Four babies? Wow.

Have you ever heard of something like this happening before?


Image via Good Morning America

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