Principal's 'Ice Ice Baby' School Cancellation Rap Rocks Parents' Worlds (VIDEO)

If you're in the Southeast or Northeast right now, chances are you are buried in snow and ice ... ice ... baby. Chances are school was closed. And should you need to find out if your school was closed ... well, apparently you need only turn to YouTube if your kid goes to Durham Academy in Durham, North Carolina. There, you would have seen the head of the school and the assistant head of school ... well, rapping. And, weirdly, they rap really well. And, bizarrely, they threw this up last night for a school cancellation this morning. Had they been planning this all along? Were they personally behind the South's uncharacteristically wintry weather?!


Stop. Collaborate and listen!

Amazing, eh? These two might have missed their calling as totally white suburban rapper dudes. I mean, check out the principal's jacket! Looks like he's been holding onto that thing for the past 25 years, just chomping at the bit for a chance to break it out and do a little break down.

When did they have time to write these lyrics? And practice? Kind of bizarre?! Perhaps they belong to an '80s rap duo and play local bars on the weekends? Because I'm having a hard time believing this pair just suddenly were able to do this on the fly. It's crazy!

Add their creative school cancellation to the elementary school principal and teacher who sang their cancellation to the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," and I'd say the gauntlet has been tossed down.

School principals, you are now on notice. It's a school cancellation talent show! No more banal droning of said winter closure. Get with the program. How nice that kids are going to a school with such creative administrators!

You are dismissed! Let's kick it!

What do you think of this cancellation performance?


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