Scary ‘Kidnap Video’ Shows Not Every Adult Is Willing to Help a Child in Danger

kidnapAll of us would like to think that if our child were in danger, a well-meaning adult would step in to save them. After all, who can turn a blind eye to a defenseless kid being hurt by someone? Sadly, some people just don't want to get involved. This viral video of a child abduction prank proves that frightening fact. Take a look.


In this first scene, the little boy runs up to a guy in a parking lot telling him that he was separated from his mom and that a strange man took him. What does this adult do? Nothing. He doesn't move an inch when a strange man, who the kid is clearly frightened of, comes up and takes him away.

On the positive side, most of the people featured do help this child. They put themselves in harm's way to protect a kid they do not know. That is incredibly heartwarming -- and a relief to many parents, I'm sure. A couple of men were willing to fight the alleged predator and one woman pepper-sprayed him when he wouldn't leave the child alone. Gotta love that.

But what about those that did nothing? A child is pleading, "He's not my dad," and you do nothing? What was going through that man's head? One guy even shakes hands with the "abductor," who managed to convince him that the boy was just playing around about being scared. How could you sleep at night knowing that you potentially let a killer or pedophile take some kid who came up to you for help.

It's an unexpected lesson for us all. We spend so much time teaching our children about stranger danger and what to do if someone tries to take them. But it looks like other adults need to be taught or reminded how to help a kid in a potentially deadly situation. How could you not intervene on behalf of a terrified child? I know it's a scary situation. You have no idea what this person is capable of or what he will do. But if you are scared, imagine how that child feels. It is worth shielding him, calling the police, and figuring out what is really going on. That could save a young life.

Has a child ever come to you for help? What did you do?

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