Toddler's Addiction to Dialing '911' Gets Mom in Trouble With the Law

iphonesD'oh! A mom and her boyfriend have suddenly found themselves in hot water after her 2-year-old called 911 a whopping 15 times from their cellphones last month.

Believe it or not, the two of them are being charged with obstructing governmental administration -- even though they insist they did their very best to make sure the little girl didn't get a hold of their phones again.

And for whatever reason, I guess 911 must be stuck in her head or something since those are the numbers she keeps choosing to hit when indulging in a little tech time.


And while the fact that this toddler made 15 calls is definitely excessive -- a little kid mistakenly calling 911 could pretty much happen to anyone. (It's not like they actually know what the numbers on the phone mean.)

Huh. You'd think after the first few times, they would've locked up their phones in a cabinet or at least made sure to put passwords on them to prevent their little speed dialer from going on a rampage. But then again, maybe she's way more resourceful than your average 2-year-old. Sometimes they'll go to just about any means necessary to get their hands on something they want.

Can you imagine how embarrassed this mom and her boyfriend must have been when the cops got involved?!? OMG. If my son had done something like this when he was younger, I would've been so mortified -- especially if it happened not only more than once, but over and over and over again. I probably would've begged the police to reconsider charging me -- but then in like 10 years, I would've gotten a kick out of reminding my kid about how he got me in trouble with the law. (And I'd probably use it as leverage to get good behavior out of him too.)

What would you do if your child did this?


Image via Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr

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