Toddler Caught 'Smoking' in Shocking Video

toddler smoking cigaretteUh ... so ... WOW. Just ... WOW. That's the reaction I had after seeing this video of a toddler smoking a cigarette, like smoking it smoking it -- puffing away with dark clouds of smoke coming out and everything.

She can't be more than about 2 or 3 years old. The footage was allegedly shot in Finland, but regardless of what part of the world you live in -- seeing a little kid getting her smoke on is nothing short of shocking, to say the least.


I mean ... take a look at these shots from the video!

toddler smoking cigarette
toddler smoking cigarette

toddler smoking cigarette

Crazy, right?

Ok, so I think I know what must be going on here. Either that's some sort of fake cigarette (like an e-cigarette) -- or she somehow picked up the thing by mistake and her parents thought it would be all sorts of hilarious to film her with it. (Am I right?)

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I mean, how many times has your kid done something totally inappropriate or hilarious and you thought to yourself, "OMG! I have to get this on video!?!"

Not that you'd ever actually film your child smoking, duh, because smoking is beyond horrible -- but isn't it possible that's what happened with this clip? I just can't imagine these parents allowing her to smoke and filming it for the sake of anything other than a joke. It simply doesn't make sense.

Still, if it was some sort of prank, let's just hope it was a one-time thing. The last thing this little girl needs is to be hooked on cigs before she even enters preschool.

Here's the clip -- you be the judge.

Do you think this child is really smoking?


Image via LiveLeak

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