Dying Dad's Last Message for Little Girl Is One We All Need to Hear (VIDEO)

There are days when you just want to check out. The kids are driving you crazy. Your husband isn't helping enough. You're tired, stressed, irate. Maybe you yell at the kids or your spouse or your mother. On those days, it's always good to be reminded how short this life is and how anything could take you from it at any time. If you need a good reminder, there's Nick Magnotti. He was only 24 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 appendix cancer. At 27, he began losing his battle. So he decided to make a video for his adorable baby girl, Austin.


The video, taken by his wife, Alyssa, shows Nick holding their very sweet-looking baby girl. Tragically, this video may have been the last piece of her dad that she will ever get to look at, as Nick passed away January 7 at 27.

Nick says he is "blessed" and isn't scared of death -- "which is strange," he says. But after a few moments' reflection, he says it's not strange. He realized that people are dying every single day. And many of them will have no warning of their impending death. They will have died without making a goodbye video, without last words of love and acceptance, without coming to terms with their higher power. Like Nick gets to do.

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If anything, this video teaches us how fragile and fleeting life is -- how we shouldn't spend our lives being angry at people for small infractions, feeling slighted because someone didn't "like" our Facebook status, or ranting and raving on the Internet. It could all end at any time, people.

Mostly, it could end on a day when you've been unappreciative of what you have. No one should expect to go through life being jolly all of the time, and speaking cross words to your children is going to happen occasionally. Forgive yourself. We're just human.

But this video can give you amazing perspective. Watch it. And then go kiss your kids and let those you love know it. No matter if they're annoying sometimes! It's a privilege to be annoyed by your kids. Nick never got that chance.

Rest in peace, Nick, and thank you for the lovely goodbye.


Does this make you want to kiss your children?


Image via AlyssaMagnotti/YouTube

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