Kids Spike Opponents' Gatorade With Bleach During Basketball Game

gatoradeA middle school student is in some serious trouble after a recent admission. What did the kid in question confess? He spiked a cooler of Gatorade at a basketball game with what he called a "small amount" of bleach. Say what now? He's being disciplined, the school assured parents, and thankfully all of the students who drank from the cooler are fine. No one even reported getting sick, so that's something I guess.

The school is doing everything it possibly can to make amends. They've offered to cover the costs of any students who went to the doctor after ingesting the beverage. They have also disciplined three other students who saw the student in question pour the bleach into the Gatorade. But there's one thing they aren't saying -- how was the kid able to gain access to the cooler in the first place?


When it comes to what your kids are ingesting when you aren't around, you'd like to think that if it's something being handed out by a teacher or by the school, it's going to be totally above suspicion. That it was so easy for the kids to access and taint is worrying. Who is watching out for the food and other drinks? How easy would it be to make not just one sports team sick, but the whole school?

It's pretty scary to think about that utter lack of supervision. Thank the furry Buddha puppy who lives in the sky that everyone made it out of this incident unscathed, but that was just dumb luck. Here's hoping that this whole incident will make the school crack down on how they supervise their food AND their students. Also, here's hoping the kid in question gets the help he's so clearly crying out for.

Do you think the school was at fault?


Image via betsyweber/Flickr

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