Dad Who Walked 6 Miles in Snow to Get to Daughter Puts Us All to Shame

dadThere is no question it's been the craziest winter we've had in a long time. The Polar Vortex has affected even the usually warm states. Though, being from Michigan, it’s hard for me to truly empathize with the folks in the snow-speckled south. I can’t believe the weather has literally shut down states like Georgia. It's made people abandon their cars and sleep on store floors all to avoid going outside or driving. The snow barely rose two inches off the ground in most areas. Hard for us up north to understand. However, there is one Atlanta dad every parent can totally relate to. 


Some states just aren't prepared for the onslaught of snow and ice. They don't have government plows or trucks to spread salt on the roads. Because of the inclement weather, parents of E. Rivers Elementary were alerted that the buses wouldn't be able to bring the students home and the students would have to spend the night there.

I had never heard of such a thing: The kids trapped in a school because of snow and unable to leave. It's a crazy thought that children as young as kindergartners would have to be there without their parents all night. It's a fact that didn't sit well with Mark Nilson either. He wasn't keen on letting his 5-year-old stay overnight without him, so he headed to the school ... ON FOOT despite the freezing temps. Heroic? Well, that may be overstating it a bit. But certainly the actions of a good dad. 

I am sure his little girl would have been safe. The teachers and administrators were all there keeping an eye on the kids. They had warm meals prepared in the cafeteria and activities to keep them occupied. However, I would have headed to the school too -- car or not. And it wasn't an easy journey for Nilson. He headed out the door at 7 p.m. and it took him three hours to make the six-mile journey. Along the way, he saw many people stranded in their cars, unsure of what to do or how they would get home.

Though he only had one goal in mind: get to his daughter. When he arrived around 10 p.m., she was happy to see him and wanted to go home. That wasn't a possibility at that point, so this dad hunkered down for the night with the rest of the kids.

This is what parenting is all about, folks. Not that other parents who didn't make that trek are less loving and dedicated. The roads were incredibly dangerous and people who aren't used to driving on it are putting themselves at great risk. But this dad didn't let anything stop him from checking on his little girl. How admirable is that!

Do you think this dad overreacted by going to the school?


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