Another Toddler Left on Cold School Bus -- What Is Going On?!?

school busIn what seems to be a very scary and unfortunate new trend these days, yet another toddler was left on a cold school bus for a period of almost six hours. Understandably, his mom is more than a little bit concerned.

Mishiloh Akturk put her 3-year-old on the bus around 8 a.m. and sent him off to school, but she did not realize her poor kid had spent his school day trapped on a bus versus in his classroom where he belonged until she received a phone call at 2 p.m.

At that point, the transportation office informed her that the child "sat on the bus all day without heat or food or anything." She's assuming he fell asleep and the driver simply did not realize he was still on the bus. Did I mention that the bus is equipped with a Child Reminder System, which makes a noise as soon as the bus is turned off as a reminder to check the vehicle for sleeping kiddos?


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OMG. How did this dude not get up and check? He was fired, and thank God the little boy turned out to be just fine -- but it's very unsettling that things like this keep happening.

And while it's scary to think about kids being left on buses regardless of their age, it's even more horrible when they are young and helpless and don't know to get up and exit the bus with all the other kids. That's what we rely on the adults in charge for -- which obviously just isn't enough these days.

I mean, even if the driver didn't realize there was still a child on the bus, shouldn't the school have called the mom to find out why he wasn't in class that day? Sheesh.

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But if we can't count on these people to keep our children safe, what can we do as parents to make sure our kiddos don't wind up left behind? Driving them to school ourselves isn't always an option, so maybe parents need to get in the habit of calling the school every single day to make sure their child made it safely?

I know that sounds a bit extreme, but sadly, it may take that kind of persistence to make sure schools are in the habit of keeping kids accounted for at all times.

Thankfully, this little boy wound up being ok and doesn't even seem to be traumatized from his time on the bus. But if the people in charge don't get a handle on this problem, future stories may not have happy endings.

What do you do to make sure your child arrives at school safe and sound?


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