Mom Says School Won't Let Her 8-Year-Old Autistic Son Read the Bible

Jason Cross

In today's edition of things that are just plain mean and messed up, supposedly an 8-year-old autistic boy has been forbidden to bring his Bible to school, you know -- because it's not "appropriate" for him to read or whatever.

When Jessica Cross' son Jason came home from school upset, she asked him what was bothering him. That's when he told her that he was not permitted to bring his Bible to school to read during free time because it's for church, not for the classroom.


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Ok, so it sounds like this mom has had other problems with her son's school for quite some time (which are pretty darn horrible if they're true) -- but let's focus on the Bible issue, which is just plain ridiculous if you ask me.

I know there's the whole separation of church and state thing, but it's not like he's bringing the book to school and reading it in front of the entire class. It's simply what he chooses to read during his free time. Quite honestly, there are a lot worse things Jason could be interested in. It's the Bible, for crying out loud -- not something offensive and/or violent that could potentially have a bad influence on his behavior or attitude toward others.

If Jason really was told that he has to leave his favorite book at home from now on, this sounds like a case of school officials using their power simply because they CAN -- not because they actually think the Bible presents a problem.

Hopefully they'll reconsider and come to the realization that if it's something he enjoys reading, no one should have a problem with it, least of all the people in his life who are supposed to be encouraging an interest in reading.

Do you think Jason should be allowed to read his Bible?


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