Skydiving Teen Plummets Tragically as Dad Watches From Below

mackenzie wethington This one goes in the 'every parent's nightmare' folder. Prepare yourself. Mackenzie Wethington absolutely should not be alive: But she is. The 16-year-old went skydiving with her father, his birthday gift to her. Mackenzie and her dad, Joe Wethington, underwent six hours of training before taking to the skies for what was supposed to be an exciting adventure. Joe jumped first, and that's when the unthinkable happened. 

Neither of them had any idea that after jumping out of the plane, Joe would be stuck, safely on the ground, looking up as his daughter plummeted 3,500 feet when her primary parachute failed to open. Terrified and helpless he watched her descent. But then something even more unbelievable happened -- Mackenzie survived the impact of her fall to Earth.


Can you imagine anything more enraging and horrific than watching as your child fell to their death? It's beyond comprehension. Here Joe thought he was presenting his daughter with an amazing, unique gift and instead he was faced with the prospect of losing her in a truly ghastly way. It's the stuff of scary stories told around a campfire. He must be carrying around an insane amount of guilt.

Apparently, after the man who was supposed to follow Mackenzie out of the plane lost his nerve, the instructor who should have gone with her stayed behind. What could Joe have been thinking when he looked up, expecting to see two figures falling and seeing only one? The impulse to want to stop time to no avail has got to have been overwhelming in the extreme. Miraculously, Mackenzie survived with only broken bones and internal bleeding. But nothing can take away the memories of that good outing gone bad for father or daughter.

What do you think was going through her dad's mind as she fell?


Image via brainfoodvideos2/YouTube

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