4-Year-Old Sums Up Gay Marriage in a Few Short Sentences


This is so innocent and sweet, it's impossible not to just love it to pieces. In Australia, a 4-year-old girl wrote a letter to the prime minister, Tony Abbott, asking him to "let boys marry boys and girls marry girls," in an effort to persuade him to recognize gay marriage Down Under.

Sabrina Franco was inspired to reach out to the prime minister after learning that her mother's friends, a gay male couple, had to go all the way to New York to be married. Same-sex marriages are neither recognized nor performed in Australia.

Sabrina's plea gets straight to the point, and it's really so, so simple.


Her letter said:

Dear Tony Abbott,

Don't get rid of the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Company] because we love it. And let boys marry boys and girls marry girls if they love each other or they’ll be sad forever.

Thank you.


Yep. That's it. And I should probably mention that she penned the letter on Disney paper using an array of colors, which is just adorable.

Again, this child is only 4 years old. And even at such a young age, she seems to fully understand that love is the same thing regardless of whether you love a man or a woman.

Obviously same-sex marriage doesn't even faze Sabrina, so why do so many adults seem to have a problem with it? If a 4-year-old understands that people follow their heart when falling in love instead of going by what others deem to be "right," doesn't it kind of prove that the only reason people have a problem with gay marriage is because they were taught to be against it at some point in their lives?

Kids are so open and accepting, and maybe if we all thought like 4-year-olds a little more often, there would be a lot less hate floating around in the world. If Sabrina's letter doesn't prove that disapproval of those who are different from us is something that's learned, not something that's innate -- nothing will.

What have you done to teach your children about acceptance?


Image via Purple Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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