Pregnant Woman Surfs Up Through Her Ninth Month & Documents It All on Video

kristi olivaresThirty-four-year-old Kristi Olivares from Manly, Australia has been surfing for over four years and loves it so much that it sounds like there wasn't a question in her mind that she was going to continue to hit the waves while pregnant. In fact, she says she surfed at least four times a week throughout her pregnancy. Not that her experience or passion for it prevented criticism, of course. "When I tell people I am still surfing, I get a strong response from them," she admits. "Most people are positive and happy for me, while a few launch into the 'isn’t it dangerous speech.'"

Unsurprising, considering how many people are critical of women who continue to do CrossFit or run or be especially physically active throughout their pregnancies. Even if they're extremely fit and have been doing it all along.


Clearly, that was the case for Kristi, too. But she also says that of course she was careful about when and where she surfed while pregnant, never going out in waves over shoulder height, and also was extra vigilant when she fell off. She also explains that changes to her body and the ways that she had to adapt her surfing happened gradually. And there's no better way to see what Kristi means than by watching a video she created entitled, "Surfing Pregnant: Month by Month."

By strapping a camera onto the end of her surfboard, she documented her entire pregnancy on the waves! So awesome. You can check it out on Vimeo.

As incredible a testament to her love and safe practice of surfing while carrying her baby, I'm sure Kristi's video is sure to inspire plenty of disapproval and tongue-clucking. Nonetheless, even her doctor -- a surfer himself, she blogs -- applauded her decision to keep up surfing as a part of her healthy lifestyle, as long as she surfed sensibly and carefully with regards to her pregnancy. And happily, I'd like to think plenty of other surfer and non-surfer mamas alike have and would join him in doing so!

What do you think about Kristi's passion for surfing throughout her pregnancy?

Image via Koko Surf/Vimeo

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