Dad's Surprise for 6-Year-Old at School Doesn't Quite Go as Planned (VIDEO)

Lindsey Owen

OMG. I have some major tears going on this morning! After seeing this sweet reunion between a 6-year-old girl and her dad, who returned from deployment after nine months to surprise her -- it's hard not to get a little bit emotional.

Lindsey Owens is in first grade, and she was told that because of her good behavior, she was going to be seated at a special table in the lunchroom with other children who also have good manners. But little did she know that the TV crews were present for a much bitter reason than filming a segment on children who deserve to be rewarded for being good.

Watch what happens when her dad, Jon Owens, walks up next to where she's sitting and starts chatting her up about her lunch.


14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

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As they say in the south, "bless her heart"! Poor little thing has been away from her daddy for so long she didn't even realize it when he was standing right next to her. I love how she kind of did a double-take, started talking to him -- and then put two and two together and went into his arms.

And how about her sweet commentary at the end of the clip? I totally lost my composure when she said, "I'm just happy that today is the day my dad got to come home."

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Sniffle. Really makes you appreciate the little things -- like getting to spend time with your whole family after the kids come home from school. (I know I often take that for granted, how about you?)

Did this video move you to tears?


Image via 14News

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