Exhausted Parents Leave Genius Note to Convince Kids to Let Them Sleep In

Parents letter to kids in the morningWhen I tell people I can't wait until my kid is a teenager so she will sleep until noon (or beyond), they tend to get all high and mighty with me about how I shouldn't rush things and they're only young once and blah, blah, bloody blah. But finally, I have found my people! Samantha Manville and her husband have become the latest parents with a viral story, and it's all because they were sick and tired of their kids waking them up early on the weekends! Yes, these parents dared to dream of sleeping in. We've all gotta have dreams!

The Manvilles, who hail from Washington state, left a note for their son Liam, 8, and daughter Alexia, 10, detailing the answer to every possible question the kids might have to wake them up at an ungodly hour (aka anytime before 10 a.m.).

Forget Iron Man and the Hulk ... THESE are my superheroes! Check out what they had to say:


Morning Kids!

Mom + Dad are sleeping in this morning!

DO NOT knock and wake us up before 10 AM unless there is a real emergency!!

To answer your questions:

- You can have cereal for breakfast

- Yes, you can watch TV/play Wii

- No, you may not go to your friends house

- No you cannot have a baggie of snacks from the pantry, those are for lunches (yes I mean those ones)

- You can have an orange for a snack. That means one (1) each!

Alexia -- don't antagonize your brother.

Liam -- don't be a whiner ... or at least not 2 loud [sic] one.

We Love You!

Awww, I think I'm in love! And I'm wondering why I haven't thought of a letter!

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At 8, my kiddo tends to be pretty self-sufficient when she gets up. She can grab her own yogurt from the fridge, turn on the TV herself, even let the dogs out to do their morning business. But there's something about a parent at rest that draws in even the most self-sufficient kid, like a fly to that bright buzzing light.

I tend to answer my daughter's questions in mumbles in the morning because she is an early riser (despite having recently developed a bout of insomnia that keeps her up until the wee hours) and to say I'm not is putting it mildly. When I learned I was going to have to have my labor induced and be at the hospital (more than a half hour drive from my house) early in the morning, folks at my job actually placed bets on whether I'd be late ... to my own induction (I wasn't). Having an early bird for a daughter seems to be Father Time's way of telling me he hates me.

It's so nice to know I'm not the only one getting the old man's middle finger.

If you're wondering if the letter worked, by the way, the Manvilles told Good Morning America it did! Looks like I better find some writing paper and a pen!

What time do your kids get out of bed in the morning? How do you deal?


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