8-Year-Old's Sexy Dance Makes Moms Cringe (VIDEO)

igt akshat singhYou guys, I just don't know how I feel about this video. Okay, so it's this 8-year-old boy doing a SPECTACULAR dance on live TV. Akshat Singh does somersaults and handstands and who knew a kid could move like this? It's seriously impressive. And charisma? Please, he's got oodles of the stuff. What a charmer. There's just one little thing: OMG, the crotch-grabbing! Some of this little guy's moves are a bit, well, big guy. Is it me, or is some of this routine a bit much for a kid his age?


Akshat is a contestant on India's Got Talent, and if I were a judge, I think I'd be ready to hand over the medal already. The way one of the judges reacts to the dance, I think she may adopt him as her son as well. He's been dancing since at least the age of 5, so props to the kid for working so hard on his craft -- it shows.

But why, Akshat's parents, why must you encourage the sexy moves? As the mom of a kid roughly his age, his nutsack-seizing and pelvic thrusts just made me cringe. I would NOT want to see my own kid doing that. It's a weird sensation, to watch a kid do something that makes you cheer and hide your eyes at the same time. Actually, now that I think of it, that's pretty much parenthood in a nutshell. I mean -- oh, you know what I mean.

igt akshat singh

Anyway, it's the not worst thing in the world. Really. But his routine would be every bit as impressive without the vulgar adult moves. If anything those moves detract from his overall performance. (Aw geez, I sound just like my mother!) You should watch it anyway, though, because it is totes amaze.

Do you think Akshat's moves are too adult, or do you think they're just fine?


Image via India's Got Talent/YouTube

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