Mom Finds Super Judgy Text Message From Sitter She Almost Hired

cribAre you and the people caring for your kids on the same page? One mom found out the answer to that question the hard way. She posted on Reddit the "eye-opening text I wasn't supposed to see from a daycare provider I was considering for my daughter." At least she caught the conversation before she sent her baby there. Sounds like they weren't exactly simpatico with her kind of parenting style.


The Redditor said she's had some issues with her previous daycare center and was changing to a center she hoped would be more understanding. She admits that her family co-sleeps but added that her daughter naps just fine. And the worker she talked with seemed completely professional and didn't reveal anything that would have indicated that there might be a huge chasm between their parenting philosophies. So when she saw this exchange, she was shaken.


Ouch! Okay, maybe they're frustrated with parents whose babies don't nap well at the center. But "that's a lazy parent"?!? Even though it would be relief to know you'd escaped an awkward childcare arrangement for your family, that would sting.

It almost doesn't matter where it comes from, we just always hate being judged. But it's especially hard when it comes from someone who helps take care of your child. What other parenting choices of yours are they second-guessing? It would certainly shatter your confidence that the center would care for your child the way you want them to -- following all of your requests and instructions.

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Obviously it's hard to find a childcare provider who aligns with your parenting philosophy 100 percent. But it helps if you're mostly in agreement, and you can feel confident that they'll respect your wishes without rolling their eyes behind your back. It's just another example of how vulnerable parents feel, trusting our kids with other people.

Do you ever feel at odds with your child's daycare provider?


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