Woman Gives Birth Immediately After Cops Arrest Her For Stealing Car

I am currently 7 months pregnant and am having a difficult enough time walking three blocks without wanting to take a nap. So the fact that one pregnant woman from Detroit had it in her to steal a pick-up truck, crash it, and then have energy left over to give birth -- more or less while strapped in handcuffs -- is too much for my fatigued mind to even process. But, yep folks, it actually happened. 


The Michigan woman was one of four suspects -- two women and two men -- who decided it would be a great idea to steal a Dodge pick-up and take it for a spin. All seemed to be going well until the driver turned the wrong way onto a road, knocked down a utility pole, and crashed into two vehicles before stopping. Three of the four suspects fled -- it isn't apparent whether the pregnant woman was the one left behind and, if so, holy cow, shame on this group -- but cops eventually caught everyone.

While cuffing the mama-to-be, police discovered that the pregnant woman was going into labor at that moment. She was taken to the hospital, while her partners in crime were transported to the police station. 

Of course it's crazy to steal a car, regardless of the reason. But I can't help but wonder: were these four planning on selling the pickup and splitting the profits? Def doesn't seem worth the effort and risk. Or maybe they were just out looking for a thrilling time? Whatever the motivation, you would have to entice me with far more of a reward than a joyride in order to get my pregnant self off the couch and prepared to possibly have to flee from police. Um, what I mean to say is, the thought of stealing a car becomes about 2,000 times more insane when a baby is kicking around inside of you. There isn't one solid reason on earth why it would seem acceptable to do this.

And now what's going to happen to this poor baby, who was, literally, born into a life of crime? It's so sad to think that he or she will forever be marked by this shameful birth story. I hope someone in this woman's life is responsible enough to step forward and care for her child while she deals with the legal ramifications of her foolish actions. 

Why do you think this woman would take such a huge risk while pregnant?


Image via Photos by Lina/Flickr 

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