Mom Takes Seriousness of Homework to Dangerous Extreme

When I was a kid, I thought there was nothing I could ever loathe more than homework. They wanted me to go to school all day, and then come home and do more paperwork? What was that about? Then I became a mom, and I discovered that the only thing worse than homework when you’re a kid is your kids’ homework when you’re a parent.

But you do it, right? You ask a zillion times if they have their homework done. You help them with the problems they’re having a hard time understanding. You do not, however, do what one Florida mom allegedly did -- beat them up for not doing their homework.


26-year-old Victoria Williams was arrested on aggravated child abuse charges stemming for the apparent abuse of her boy-girl fraternal twins for not getting a problem on their homework right.

According to arrest documents, Williams hit the seven-year-olds “in the head with a belt and slammed their heads onto a table.” Police say that the boy had “abrasions and contusions on his face and head,” and when they asked him what had happened, he said that he had been holding a pencil. The force of the blow to his head caused the tip of the pencil to cut his face.

The twins missed school last Friday due to the extent of their injuries, and their father notified law enforcement, when he discovered the “injuries consistent with excessive corporal punishment.”

Williams was released on bail this week, but the children are staying with their dad until the investigation is concluded.

Well crap. I so want to believe that this isn’t true. I can’t imagine what could be going through a mother’s mind to beat up her kids because they didn’t get a homework question correct. Heck, most of the time I’m just thrilled my kids are doing their homework -- I’ll let the teacher worry about whether or not the answers are correct.

And they are seven! That’s likely first or second grade -- how much homework could there have been? Not that any amount of homework would justify bodily harming your kids, but geez, what happens when they actually have to write essays or figure out advanced math concepts?

Homework is frustrating, but if it’s so frustrating you want to smack your kids around, maybe there’s a bigger issue going on than their education.

Do you ever get frustrated with your kids' homework?


Image via Brandi Korte/Flickr

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