Teen Pipe-Bomber Allowed on Plane Even AFTER He's Found Out

flyUp until I had moved out of my parents' house for good after college, when it came to packing for a trip, I could always expect some parental supervision. This isn't because my mom thought I was going to pack anything untoward in my luggage. It's because throughout my teen years, I could barely be depended upon to bathe myself, let alone remember to pack all the socks and underwear required.

That's why this story about 18-year-old Skylar Brown baffles me on a myriad of levels. Brown was trying to board a plane in Canada when officials discovered all the makings of a pipe bomb in his luggage. Did they immediately call the authorities and have the kid arrested? Nope. They did something else -- something borderline insane.


They let him get on the plane and complete his flight! That's right! They put the kid on a plane. Full of other people. Even though for all they knew he had plans to blow everyone sky high. That is beyond terrifying to me. But we can't just blame the officials at the airport. Apparently they have no rights to arrest him in Canada. Instead can we talk about what was going on at home that an 18-year-old could be sauntering to the airport with everything needed to make explosives? That is just crazy.

I will officially never complain about my overly-protective mother again! Nor will I be complaining about any airline that runs a little bit late. It took officials FOUR DAYS to report Brown and bring him up on charges for possession of explosive materials. FOUR DAYS! I shudder to think of all the damage he could have done in that time had the dude been moved to do so. Ultimately he was fined and put on probation -- so at least we know SOMEONE'S keeping an eye on him for now.

Do you think any parent could have stopped Brown from accessing these materials, or was it a lost cause?


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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