Store Employee’s Catch Saves Falling Baby From Concrete Floor (VIDEO)

baby feetWhen I think of the kind of people that work at Home Depot, I think of strong, big men who know a whole lot more about tools and construction and not so much heroes in disguise. But one Home Depot employee by the name of Christopher Strickland in Anchorage, Alaska, saved a baby as it tumbled from its car seat on the handles of a shopping cart last week, and now the video showcasing his quick thinking is going viral.

Last Thursday, Strickland luckily caught the baby moments before his head would have hit the concrete floor below. Honestly, I didn't know a man could move that quick! Well, a man aside from the Patriots' star running back LeGarrette Blount.

Watch the amazing save, here:


WOW. That parent must be the most thankful parent in America right about now, and they're also the luckiest. It's hard to 100 percent of the time keep all of your energy and focus on your baby. But this lucky catch serves as a reminder of how important it is. Within one instant, everything could have changed for that family forever. One instant of looking away and they could have lost their little one.

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May this instance serve as a reminder to us all how important it is to be careful. Thankfully, everyone's safe today. And as for all the media attention that Chris is getting? Eh, he says he "doesn't care either way" if he's a hero or not.

Are you guilty of thinking "a few seconds" won't matter? Do you ever place your child where they don't belong?


Image via sabianmaggy/Flickr

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