Mom Killed by Lightning Strike While Trying to Save Son's Life

lightningIt's something parents do on an almost daily basis: Tell their children to stop doing something because it's dangerous. But, sadly, for Rosangela Biavati, this very thing ended in tragedy for her. Rosangela was vacationing with her family, including her 11-year-old son, in Guaruja, a popular seaside resort on the coast of Sao Paulo. Her son and nephews were playing in the ocean when suddenly a storm began rolling in. Rosangela ran to the ocean to get them out when she was struck by a lightening bolt that instantly killed her in front of her family.


A bystander happened to capture the entire sequence of events in photos, and as far as images go, it's about as heartbreaking as it gets. The first photo, showing Rosangela calling to her child, arms outstretched; the second, the lightening bolt; and the third, Rosangela's lifeless body on the beach while her family cries in agony for her. This poor, poor woman. All she was doing was trying to protect her child.

It goes without saying that Rosangela would never have wanted her life to end this way at only 36 years old. But, in a way, she died saving her son's life, which is something any mother would do. Of course there's no knowing what would have happened had she not been there, but there's always the chance that her child could have been killed instead. The ocean and storms aren't a good combo, and who knows what could have happened? Perhaps he would have been struck by lightening himself, or perhaps he would have drowned. Rosangela essentially sacrificed herself for her child, and, although it shouldn't have yet been her time, it's sort of a beautiful way to go.


Have you ever hurt yourself trying to protect your child?


Image via Bruce Guenter/Flickr

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