Mom Thinks She's Gluten Intolerant, but Surprise: It's a Baby!

newborn feetWell, this is a first as far as "I had no clue I was preggo" stories go. When a woman named Teresa Howard started experiencing horrible stomach cramps last weekend, her partner rushed her to the hospital for what she was sure had to be a case of "acute wheat intolerance."

You see, apparently her sister is a gluten-free gal, so she figured maybe she was experiencing the same kind of problems due to the pain she was in. But after being checked out by doctors, Teresa was told she was expecting -- and wound up giving birth to a baby boy she never knew she was pregnant with just two hours later.


It's so hard to comprehend how women do not realize they are pregnant -- and even Teresa admits she never thought it was possible. She has two other children and experienced normal pregancy symptoms with both of them -- so it's not like she had no idea what it feels like to have a baby growing inside of you.

But even though she admits noticing a little bit of "holiday" weight gain -- she still attributed her stomach pains to a case of that pesky little bugger that seems to be plaguing everyone these days ... wheat.

Doesn't it seem like every other person you talk to has a real beef with gluten these days? It's like every single ailment can be attributed to eating it. I can just hear the thoughts that were probably going through this mom's brain in the emergency room that day. "Is there any chance you might be pregnant, Mrs. Howard?"

"Nah. These aren't labor pains. I think I might have accidentally ingested a piece of a cracker earlier, so that's probably it."

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But then again, I guess if you truly have no idea you're expecting a baby, the gluten thing sort of makes sense? Hey, if nothing else, it's better than appendicitis, gall stones, or worse. A baby is a blessing no matter how you look at it -- even if you initially thought he was nothing more than a bad reaction to eating the wrong foods.

Have you experienced any pregnancy symptoms you attributed to something else?


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