Deceased 12-Year-Old's Letter to Her 'Future Self' Comforts Parents (PHOTO)

taylor smith letterWhen 12-year-old Taylor Smith penned a letter last year, it was intended to be opened in 2023 -- by herself. The letter Smith wrote was of the "to my future self" variety, and it contained the sorts of things one would expect to a pre-teen to write about. She talked about her iPad, and mulled over selling it for an iPad mini. She congratulated herself on graduating high school, since she was supposed to be 22 upon opening it. And she wondered if the show Doctor Who is still on the air, and whether or not she'd yet been on a plane.

But Taylor never got to open her letter in 10 years time, because she passed away last spring of pneumonia. So, her parents opened it instead, despite it's very specific "To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023" message on the envelope.

And I can't imagine what parent wouldn't do the same.


I've sadly seen a lot of people die in my lifetime -- my mother; all of my grandparents; friends' parents -- but I cannot, for the life of me, fathom what it would be like losing a child. I can barely type the sentence without tearing up. And more so, I cannot fathom going through said child's things -- their clothes, their toys -- and stumbling upon something like this: What your child thought was their happy future, tucked neatly in an envelope. It's stomach-turning. But at the same time, incredibly beautiful, and something, I'd imagine, her parents and brother are grateful to have.

I think most people who have lost someone would choose to have a letter from them -- any kind of letter -- if they could. I know I certainly would. I can't imagine what Taylor's parents went through emotionally after seeing the envelope from their daughter who should still be here, but it seems like they're happy they have it, and they're happy they opened it.

Tragically, their little girl can't be brought back to them, but in a weird way, they're kind of getting a small glimpse of what her future would have been like -- as told by her. What parent wouldn't want that?

taylor smith letter

Would you have opened the letter?


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