Principal Fired for Protecting Poor Kids From Humiliation (VIDEO)

principalYou would think that school administrator who was trying to save poor children from humiliation would be a good thing. Not so in Lafayette, Colorado. Elementary school principal Noelle Roni says she was fired for fighting against a policy that required kids to get their hands stamped if they didn't have enough money in the lunch account.


“The kids are humiliated. They’re branded. It’s disrespectful. Where’s the human compassion? And these are little children,” she said of the policy. It's not hard to see her point of view. This is exactly the kind of embarrassing personal detail that can leave a child feeling ashamed, dejected, and the prey of merciless bullies. We all know, cruel kids are not above poking fun at another child's financial situation, especially when it's clearly stamped on their bodies.

It is so easy to damage the fragile feelings of school children. No one wants to be different for any reason.  Roni says it was her job to fight for them -- and she's right. She had several conversations with her bosses (the board for the charter school) but they were incensed that she would refuse to uphold their rules and fired her.

It's as though the system wants these kids to be maligned and bullied. It lacks the kind of human compassion we all should expect from the places we send our kids to learn and develop.  Fortunately, Roni has many parent supporters who believe she was the victim of politics. They are fighting along with this brave, wonderful principal to get her job back.

What do you think about this "hand stamp" policy?

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