Mom Discovers Clinic Used Convicted Criminal's Sperm Instead of Her Husband's (VIDEO)

Imagine discovering that your child is not your own -- and in fact is the child of a criminal. That's what happened to a family in Utah who took DNA tests to trace their geneaology for fun. They were shocked to discover that their 21-year-old daughter wasn't the biological offspring of the husband. Reportedly, she was fathered by a man named Thomas Lippert, who had once been arrested for kidnapping. The parents had used artificial insemination to conceive and had always assumed the sperm was provided by the husband. But not so. Now the family is speaking out.


The mother, who doesn't want to be identified, says she was shocked to learn her husband wasn't her daughter's father, and since they had used a sperm donor, they knew there must have been some kind of mix-up. She tried contacting the clinic they had used, but it had since shut down.

Using her daughter's DNA, the family was eventually able to identify a man named Timothy Lippert, who had once worked at the clinic, as her daughter's bio dad. The mom said she remembered that Lippert sat at the clinic's front desk, and seemed inordinately proud of all of the pictures of babies that the sperm clinic had facilitated. She now wonders how many of them he fathered!

The couple then began looking into Lippert's background and were even more stunned to discover that he had served two years in prison for kidnapping a girl. He used electroshock therapy on her to try and make fall in love with him. Wow. And this guy managed to get a job in a fertility clinic.

The family will never know exactly what happened since Lippert is now dead. But even Lippert's widow even believes he did this on purpose, saying he was "not a very nice person."

The family says they are still glad they have their daughter, who is "wonderful," but what a shock, eh?

The mom says she would have gone through anything to have their child and it doesn't change the family's feelings at all. But this must be a lot for the family, especially the daughter, to wrap their heads around. Especially since it sounds like there was something mentally unbalanced about Lippert. (Luckily, it sounds like the daughter escaped inheriting this trait.)

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It makes you think about how important DNA really is. Adopted children are every bit as loved as biological ones. And many people use sperm donors they don't know personally. Perhaps this was just fate's weird way of giving them a "wonderful" daughter, even if it meant using a "not very nice" man's sperm.

DNA can be important, but what is more important is the love, care, energy, time, and emotion that go into raising a child. And this family had all of that.

The family has started a website to find out if other children have been fathered by Lippert. But does anyone really want to know?? Personally, I think I'd rather not. Especially with Lippert with a dad.


Would you want to know your child's DNA if there was any question?

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