Viral Video of Drunk 9-Year-Old Scares Moms Straight

drunk 9-year-oldI have never really worried about alcohol and my 8-year-old. If you're nodding along and thinking, "She's 8, why would you?" prepare to be as shocked as I was by the latest viral video. Uploaded to YouTube by some concerned skaters at a skatepark, the video features a drunk 9-year-old boy.

And when I say drunk, I do mean DRUNK! The youngster had just consumed 18 cans of a bourbon/cola mixture that's about 7 percent alcohol! He's slurring his words and barely able to stand on his scooter.

The video is heartbreaking, I warn you, and it also has a fair share of curse words, so make sure the kids aren't in the room:



Ugh. How long did you make it? By the two-minute mark, I could barely keep going.

Apparently the shooter of the video called cops, who showed up and said they found a very sick little boy -- so ill that they considered calling an ambulance. There's an investigation ongoing into whether it really was an aunt who gave the boy all that alcohol. Meanwhile, the boy's parents are reportedly horrified.

Wouldn't you be?

Perhaps I'm naive, but I'm shocked to see a 9-year-old intoxicated at all! My 8-year-old is much more concerned about saving enough money to buy that American Girl doll she's had her eye on than she is about anything remotely related to alcohol. We aren't big drinkers in my house, but we do have a liquor cabinet, and there is beer or wine in the fridge on occasion. Not only has she NEVER sneaked any, but she's commented that she thinks the smell of the beer is "disgusting."

You can see why I never worried.

But this scares me. Especially after looking at the statistics that showed the average age at which young people ages 12 to 17 begin to drink is 13 years old! THIRTEEN! That's not far enough away! And that's an average -- kids can start even younger (as we see with this 9-year-old).

Is this the future? Worrying that our pre-teen kids are going to turn into alcoholics?

I certainly hope not, but we can't take for granted that they're immune from the temptation of alcohol. The conversations -- difficult as they are -- need to start NOW, not when they're teenagers.

What do you think of this video? Will you talk to your younger kids about alcohol after seeing it?


Image via Bradley GoudieMedia/YouTube

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