Cops Put Toddler in Protective Custody Because Parents Let Him Swear (VIDEO)

If we were allowed to pull a child out of his home every time we disagreed with the way he was being raised, it's frightening to think how many parents would be without their children. But, assuming neither physical nor severe emotional abuse is involved, there's a line we and authorities don't get to cross when it pertains to other people's children. Police in Nebraska went too far this week when they placed a toddler in child protective services after viewing a disturbing video posted on Facebook in which the tot traded obscene comments and gestures with adults in the room. 


In the crazy video, a little boy shouts "F**k you" into the camera, gives the adult filming the scene the middle finger, and is prompted by people who we assume to be adults to say things like "suck my d**k" and to declare which "hood" he is from -- which cops believe indicates the family may belong to a gang. He is also called a "b***h n***a" by someone who does not appear on camera and several people can be heard laughing.

Police are saying this video perpetuates a "cycle of violence and thuggery." To justify pulling the toddler from his home, a police official said that, while nothing shown in the video is illegal, a lot of what we see is "immoral" and "unhealthy" for this child.

Talk about a slippery slope. I find this video as disgusting as the police official who made this statement, but to make the leap from cussing to a potential life of crime? This isn't the first, nor will it be the last, family that teaches their children how to curse or simply doesn't believe cussing is a major issue. Unless authorities have significant proof that this family is involved in gang-related activity that could place their child in harm's way, there's no excuse to pull this boy from his parents based on this video.

Toddlers are capable of doing lots of "immoral" things. Sometimes they steal food or items that belong to us. When they find out it can get them out of trouble, many experiment with lying. Is it safe for us to assume they will turn into criminals because of these behaviors? Absolutely not. 

Here's the video that caused this toddler to be pulled from his home:

Do you think cops were justified in putting this toddler in Child Protective Services based on this video?


Image via YouTube

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