Mom Learns She's 7 Months Pregnant & Gets Bigger Surprise During Delivery

You know those stories of women that didn’t even know they were pregnant until they got a really bad stomachache one day and out popped a baby? This one is kind of like that in that Cheyenne Le Melle didn’t know she was in labor until the baby came -- after not knowing she was expecting for the first seven months of her pregnancy!

Cheyenne said that she didn’t even know she was pregnant with her third child until she was well into her third trimester. “All of a sudden, I felt a kick in my stomach, so I found out I was pregnant,” she said.


At least she recognized what it was. I always shake my head when those aforementioned mamas say they didn’t know that the roiling in their bellies was a baby squirming around.

Anyway, after missing out on most of her pregnancy, Cheyenne also managed to miss out on most of her labor. She was home alone (her husband had left with their cellphone) and in labor for hours without knowing it.

She says she went to sleep and woke up when she felt some labor pains. Presumably assuming that she still had some time to go, she hopped in the shower to try and calm down the contractions.

Then came that urge to push. And boom -- baby. “I pushed once on accident like really hard, and I felt the head pop out, so I just pushed again and pulled him out,” she said.

By the time dad got home, mom was already cradling baby Angel in her arms. The little guy came in at a healthy 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Her husband Joey called the paramedics, who were surprised to see the baby already born.

Fire Captain Mike Crandall said, “The mother was pretty calm, so it was a pretty neat experience ... to actually have the baby there, and it will stand out and I’ll remember it probably the rest of my life.”

Mom and baby are headed home today after a few days of observation in the hospital.

So mom didn’t know she was pregnant for seven months and then didn’t even know she was in labor until she had the baby? This kid is obviously destined to be a ninja.

What would you do if you found out you were seven months pregnant?

Image via MestreechCity/Flickr

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